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July 20, 2018

Thought of the Day – Mental Game

Today I had a rough day at the gym. I know first world problems…

At first I was frustrated and angry. I have scoliosis, mild, but my spine is still crooked and therefore my musculature is not even. I have a decent pelvis tilt and my right side outer leg muscles and core are under developed. It really shows when I try to do split-leg lower body exercises.

Knowing I have unilateral weakness I’m trying to add in more lunge squats and medius/minimus workouts. Tried some 85lb lunges today and had severe pelvis tilt any time I tried to rise with my right leg forward, terrible balance, and could barely rise at all with correct form.

That is a real downer to someone who works out twice a day most days during the work week.

First emotions were negative self talk….”you will never be balanced” and “why do you even try, you’ve got 30 years of incorrect posture to correct”, etc. But as I stopped, caught my breath, and wiped my brow I wrenched my brain out of the hole and set a goal – even if it is low weight, I will get my lunges equal with correct form in the next month.

Fuck scoliosis. I will win.

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