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July 17, 2018

The Daily Thought – Empty Happiness

What is happiness?
Many people say “I want to be happy” but what does that actually mean? Happiness in that light is an empty goal.

Define what your happiness is, define your life.

Ok, so hear me out. My mind has been full of chaos lately (and by lately I mean after I turned 30). Like many others my age, 30s are when you start to get your stride in life, or at least are expected to have accomplished something. I’ll be honest, sometimes I feel like I have it all figured out, and sometimes I feel like I don’t understand anything.

I’ve accomplished a lot in my life starting from grade school Honors Society, earning records in breaststroke and varsity swimming, graduating college in the top 10% of UT earning a Bachelor off Science degree, marrying the love of my life who is my other half, having a successful YouTube channel putting my degree and hobbies to work, buying an incredible home in a lake community, being a key media player in the stand up jet ski community, working my way up from the bottom as a porter at a luxury car dealer to supervising a team of three at the collision center, to taking risks starting a few of my own businesses. And that is just to name a few!

I am incredibly grateful for what I have accomplished with the help of family, friends, coworkers, and even the haters. And boy do I have a lot of haters. So what is all the fuss about defining happiness?

As humans we naturally tend to focus on the destination and let the journey pass us by unconsciously, not stopping to enjoy it in our unrelenting push to achieve perfect happiness when we reach our goal. We are all going to die. That is the end of the story for our physical bodies. What is the point of racing to that goal? There isn’t, it is the journey that is the point.

We’ve all felt the tinge of emptiness after the initial rush of feel-good dopamine and serotonin when we achieve something we’ve worked so hard for. Finally, happiness achieved right?! Done, we can live out the rest of our life happy. Wrong. Empty.

We ALWAYS crave more. The key to living a good life isn’t chasing happiness. That is like chasing the next big fix. Like I said above, that kind of happiness is empty, undefined, blurry. Being happy isn’t avoiding conflict, negative emotions, or hard times. It is overcoming those things, being grateful for the experience, learning, and moving forward to experience more. The journey of overcoming hardship and setting goals to achieve is the point of living, not just the end goal or destination.

Be vibrant and simply enjoy the journey as well as the goal. You’ll define your happiness.



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