January 16, 2018

Ashley, the chick behind chixwithtrix!


I am an avid motorsport enthusiast – if it has an engine, wheels or a hull I’m ready to go! Stand up jet skis are my passion and I have dedicated my fitness and lifestyle to growing the sport for others while improving my own performance.

I learned to ride in 2016, started racing and never looked back. Having been an athlete most of my life, starting with varsity swimming in high school, leading into motocross, cycling and now riding stand ups – I want to constantly improve.

Since stand ups are so physically demanding (I mean c’mon there isn’t even a seat to rest on!) my fitness┬áplays a huge role in performance on the water. I spend 5 days a week in my crossfit gym during my lunch hour, plus I get cardio riding my bicycle or running at 2-4 days a week. The learning curve is steep, yet I relish the challenge of working my way up in the racing ranks as well as exploring the world of freestyle.

Notable achievements:

-2017 Women’s Am Ski Lites 6th overall IJSBA World Finals
-2017 Am Ski Lites 2nd place overall for the season TXH2O racing
-2016 Women’s Limited 8th place finish Moto 1 IJSBA World Finals
-2016 Women’s Limited 1st place overall TXH2O racing

I also have a large social media presence within the ski community. I’m producing a multi part ‘How to

Ride a Stand Up’ series on YouTube that already has over 100k views. I earned a college degree in video editing and photography, so high quality media is an important part of my online presence.


My ‘About’ page would not be complete without mention of my fitness and ketogenic diet aspirations. When I started riding stand up jet skis three years ago I realized I was incredibly out of shape. Over these three years I started weight lifting and CrossFit so enhance my performance on the ski. Between my new found love of stand ups and renewed purpose after knee and back surgery I destroyed my depression, lost over 25lbs, developed a stronger lean form, and started on my ketogenic ‘keto’ diet journey. Please check out my ChixKeto page for more information on this amazing low carb, high fat performance enhancing diet!


I was eight years old when I started my reptile ‘rescue’ and was the sole caretaker for my four green iguanas. Of course my parents had to buy the food, but all of their care was up to me.

That love of reptiles has continued into my adulthood and I have collected quite the family of scaly pets. I hope to grow more in this amazing hobby in the years to come with breeding projects and educating others about how intelligent and rewarding reptiles can be!